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GMNo: What You Need to Know

You have probably already heard about the controversy surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms, remembering that they have something to do with the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act from a few years back, but let’s review the basics. GMOs are defined by the World Health Organization as organisms whose DNA has been altered in a non-natural way. So…

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Are Special Interest Groups Harming the Organic Farmer?

Farming, as we know, is a tireless and demanding job, requiring waking up at dawn every morning during a six- or seven-day workweek, battling drought or too much rain, dealing with ruthless potato beetles or waking up in the middle of the night to chase down bulls that have managed to escape their pen. Organic…

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How Seaweed Farming Is a Step Toward Gender Equality

Across the world, farming has traditionally been a family endeavor, with all members participating in chores, feeding the animals and harvesting the produce. However, in most societies, farm labor is divided by gender, with men running the farm and driving the machinery and women tending to the plants and maintaining the household. As a result,…

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6 Reasons Why Keeping Seaweed Farmers in Business is Important

In the past few years, the seaweed farming industry has taken off, and you may have started to notice its leafy green sold as snacks, or perhaps you’ve come across carrageenan—a product of seaweed used as a natural and sustainable food additive—in your almond milk. But seaweed can offer much more than great health benefits.…

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